WordPress Development on iPad

A few days ago, I found myself sitting in the immigration office, waiting hours for my number to be called. I’m currently living in Japan, and so often have to make trips like this for various visa-related things. In any case, I usually don’t bring my laptop in these situations, as it’s not guaranteed I…More

Theming With Neovim

For as long as I’ve been a Neovim user, I’ve relied on themes created by other people. For the most part, this has been a wonderful experience as there are plenty of great looking themes out there. That said, every now and then, I do run into issues. One example of this is when I…More

Building an A/B Test Component

Recently, I found myself needing to build an A/B test for a section of our onboarding interface. For those of you unfamiliar with A/B testing (which included myself up until this point 😅), you can find more details on the A/B testing wiki page. The gist is to serve two different variations of some component:…More

A Work Tools Retrospective

About a year ago, I decided to make the switch from VSCode to a terminal based solution and landed on Tmux & Neovim. There wasn’t really anything wrong with VSCode, but I had heard some great things about these tools and wanted to challenge myself to get comfortable with something new. Fast-forward to today, and…More

WordPress & Valet Share/Secure

I love Valet. It’s simple, lightweight, and fast. I also love WordPress. And most of the time, I use Valet when working on WordPress projects. For the most part, the process is super smooth with very few hiccups. But every now and then I come across a WordPress project that requires a publicly accessible site…More

Learning to Internet

As part of my journey to visit all of the Computer Science concepts I never formally learned about, I started reading Computer Networking: A Top-down Approach. So far, I’m really enjoying the book and am learning a ton. I think the author does a great job of explaining the various concepts in a simple and…More

Building an Assembler

A while back, I decided to take the NANDToTetris course as a way to help fill in some knowledge gaps. The course final project (part 1) asks students to write an assembler translating code written in the HACK assembly language into binary executable code for the HACK hardware platform. You can read more details about the…More

Blogging with Gatsby

I’ve long been a proponent of WordPress for blogging, but recently I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about Gatsby. It’s supposed to be a simple and lightweight framework for quickly building sites. It’s also built on React, which has been on my todo list for things to study. So over the past week or so, I decided…More